End-of-Summer News

Hello everyone !

It's been a longtime since the last news, no ? Yeah, 4 months ago, I was publishing the public version first anniversary news !

Summer work

The game developement has slowed down to a "maintenance mode" during summer, I wanted to take time outside the project. But I did multiple minor updates since the anniversary news:


- Fix clientside cache
- Reducing game music from 26MB to 4MB


- #876: Minor fuel distribution problem
- #874: Fix empty fleets cleaning
- #892: Fix a bug with tutorials validation
- #893: Impossible to rename a planet
- removeColonyShip() is now upgrading unit counts
- #871: All players in a battle now recieve the battle report (and not only main attacker and planet owner)
- #873: Planet is updated before a battle
On dev side:
- More automated tests


Changing server hardware to improve performances


- #894: Resources.CalcNewResource() is now counting fleet available storage
- Fix privacy of socket.io events because of async contexts
- Removing duplicated research dependancies
- Added new research dependancies
- #907 - Visual improvements in ranks, added Darolean Consulate player
- Improved english translations
On dev side:
- Some refactoring from callback to async/await


- Ennemies alliances
- The current system cannot be opened
- #930 - Fix disconnection detection in stats and on administration console
- Show planet habitability (ability to conquest/colonize a planet or not)
- Improved english translations
- Influences zones on the map now show ennemies
On Dev Side:
- Translation compatibility with "crowdin" software
- We're now at version 0.6.8


- #944 - User points should be synced with planetList update on conquest end
- Fix planet habitability indicator with non-earth planets
- #952 - Clientside error
- #612 - Fix french notifications plural
- #681 - Fix usage of accents in planet names
- #897 - TypeError: Cannot read property 'parentNode' of null
- #895 - Failed to construct 'Notification': Illegal constructor. Use ServiceWorkerRegistration.showNotification() instead.
- #862 - Can't click on some solar system on bottom of the screen
- #678 - Announces: normalized chars are broken
- #900 - Planets types balancing
On Dev Side:
- Do not cache cypress specs
- New versionning system, we're now at 0.10.7
- Full usage of async/await when calling database
- NodeJS 14 usage
- Upgrade node-postgres from 7.18.2 to 8.3.3
- Updated discord.js from 11.5.1 to 12.3.1
- Updated mocha from 7.1.0 to 8.1.3
- Updated discord.js from 15.0.0 to 15.1.0

New versionning system

People following Twitter account (https://twitter.com/GalactaeSAD) or bien sur Discord (https://discord.gg/c8aARey) may have known about this information: I reworked the version list of the game.

The goal was to make versions look lighter, because versions having a duration of 6 months, or worse, 1 year; and having 150 issues are not really attractive.

I decided to create versions around major features or a specific field. And next to that, I created a global backlog in order to have a list of bugs, minor improvements, and minor features. This backlog can be used at any time.

This system works better than the previous one, my productivity has already came back to better level.

Here's the new version list, after the rework. We now have 9 versions from 2019 instead of 5:

New version list


Another reason behind my slowdown when developing Galactae is my second game project named Extortion.

I will not make a big presentation of it here, it's not the right place, but here's a small description:

You're a computer engineer with a terrible secret. Someone is blackmailing you and now, you have to hack some servers and get secret files for him. Would you succeed to achieve his missions or would you find him and revenge ?


Thanks to all players that are helping me to improve and stabilize game everyday ! And congratulations to the top 1 player that reached 25,000 points, and 18 planets.

I hope seeing each one of you in game soon,

Have fun !



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