Conquest & Colonization Update

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Here's come our May newsletter ! I'll talk about the 0.6.7 update: the colonization and military conquest update !

0.6.7 ? But where 0.6.6's gone ?

Yep ! You saw it ! 0.6.6 isn't public, it was developement-only version.

Let's talk about version naming in Galactae ... We can split it in 3 parts:

  • Major: It gives the major version of the game (amazing isn't it ?). 0.1 to 0.5 were Alpha; 0.6 to 0.9 are Beta; 1.0+ will be Release.
  • Minor: It's the minor version. It refers to the proportion of the next major update already done. E. G., x.y.6 is the minor version when the next major version is between 55% and 64% completed (You can have this percentage on the bug tracker, it depends on done tasks, estimated work time and effective work time).
  • Revision: Real unique version number, because major/minor version can represent multiple updates. It's built on YYYMMDDr where YYYMMDD is the date and r is the count (as letters) of signigicative tasks of the current day.

So, we have a version number like: [Alpha/Beta/Release]-Major1.Major2.Minor-rev.YYMMDDr

And the current version is: Beta-0.6.7-rev.200509a

That's why we are updating public server from 0.6.5 to 0.6.7.

NB: Galactae is my only project using this nameing convention, it has avantages and drawbacks.

Conquest and colonization

The conquest system is very simple: make your colonization ship survive in low orbit (attack mode) of a planet after destroying all its defenses, and you got the planet. If you fleet is destroyed, the planet stay to its owner.

During this 24h period, all is stopped: buildings, shipyard, research. Both players can know what is planet state and what fleets are orbiting the planet.

Why talking about "military conquest" and not "conquest" ?

As you may know, one of Galactae advantages is the gameplay diversity. Any player know that you have to choose your leader type: Emperor, CEO or President. In a future update, new conquest type will be add for each leader:

  • Emperor: coup d'etat
  • CEO: Hostile tender offer
  • President: popular revolt

And a more pacific planet conquest type will be add for all of them, the ability to buy/sell a planet.

Planet count limit

A max count of planet based on player points have been added to prevent player rushed. E.G. to have a second planet slot, you'll need 769 points.

NB: This update was really tested BUT it can have some bugs, so don't hesitate to report them

Early game balance

While testing colonizations and conquest, I tested the early game balance and edited it. I speeded up the first levels of buildings and first level of research center to prevent game being annoying.



  • #252 / #638 / #680 / #706 / #717 / #718 / #727 / #728 / #730 / #769 / #772 / #774 / #776 / #778 / #779: Conquest and colonization
  • #739: Show player credits
  • #495: Show research status on main screen
  • #734: Singularity system icon


  • #683: New error messages and notifications about alliances actions
  • #757: Improve stats
  • #738: Resized top HUD to prevent scrolling on most screens
  • #796: Early game balance (building time)
  • #797: Early game balance (research speed)


  • #771: Population showed "NaN" sometimes
  • Combat report were unabled to be read if attacker didn't lost units
  • Couldn't assign tactic to a fleet
  • Auto update on fleet end moved didn't work
  • #789: "Set as read" on multiple reports didn't erease notifications

Côté Dev:

  • #768: Send errors to server to make bug detection easier
  • I keep updating database methods using async/await to stop using callbacks and make code more maintanable

Next update

The next update should be at the first birthday of the public version (and the fourth birthday of developement) around June 1st. In this news, we'll talk about some statistics: player count evolution, active players, and so on.

I hope you liked this news, it was fun for me to write this. If you have some question/bug/whatever, you can answer to this subject or go on Discord ( !

Have a nice day !


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